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Dan Miegel

Owner and director of Planbuilt Dan Miegel understands the challenging and daunting prospect of the ‘ builder selection’ process. 

The value of establishing a connection in the beginning stages cannot be underestimated, as in most cases, this is the early stages of forming a relationship between the builder and client. 

This allows our clients to begin an understanding of our business and a sense of comfort moving forward knowing they have the right team on board.
Becoming a builder

Dan's story

Growing up in the country and working on the land as a child, I guess I cemented the idea early that I would one day work in the great outdoors and create a lifestyle of what I have become today. Having unlimited boundaries and the opportunity to explore on the land, allowed for a creative, yet practical perspective on life.

Following the completion of my apprenticeship in building, I made a very surprising, yet exciting move to Sydney.

I arrived on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, immediately falling in love with the lifestyle and relaxed approach to the working life. I quickly connected with a lot of great personnel, and it wasn’t long at all before the nail bag was strapped on, and I found myself amongst a great team of guys. It was while working on this first major project that I began to learn the diverse aspects of the construction industry. I was fortunate to get the experience of constructing homes from start to finish.

Enjoying the spoils and lifestyle of Manly, the Northern Beaches soon felt like home. I enjoyed working for a number of local builders learning new, and refining existing skills of the trade. With such a diverse array of buildings, the gain of experience was so valuable. No two projects were the same, and we learned to work closely with clients, as in a lot of cases, our clients were living in the build.

I met my amazing wife in Manly, and not too long after we started our family and life together.
In 2009, and after many years already working in the building industry, we made the decision to start our own business... Planbuilt was born.

From the commencement of Planbuilt, we can be proud of the success that we have created in our business, and all of the amazing projects that we have completed. We put our success down to a number of things, and passion is something I can proudly label high in the list. We care about our clients, and we care about what we deliver to them. We understand that renovating and building for a lot of people is a one off opportunity, and one of their largest financial investments.

Now, being 2022, we can proudly say we have gained many years of experience, portfolio of clients, and completed projects. One of the many testaments that we value and encounter, is having existing clients return. Whether it be for additional work or another project. Knowing that our clients feel comfortable, and have had a truly great experience with Planbuilt to do it all again, makes us proud of what we do

As we continue our journey into the future, we continue to gain experience and strive for excellence. We are always looking to set new goals, achieve new levels and enjoy what we do best.
Having now lived on the Northern Beaches for 24 years, we regard ourselves as your local Northern Beaches builder, who shares local values and way of life.

  • Our home is amazing!!
    We approached Dan early on in the process of planning our new build in Freshwater. We were living in an existing brick cottage that we were planning to demolish and build our new ‘ forever home ‘
    With ease Dan guided us through the planning process and before we knew it, we were in temporary accommodation and the build was underway. Dan and his team delivered everything and more of what we asked and we feel truly blessed to have had our home built by Planbuilt.

    Danny + Sally

  • After witnessing other homes built by Planbuilt and meeting with Dan, we felt comfortable proceeding to build our new home with Dan and his Planbuilt team.
    Throughout the build, the attention to detail in his workmanship could not be missed. The team's open minded approach allowed for our personnel designs and choices that we are absolutely amazed with.
    We could not praise Planbuilt higher, and recommend them as a premier builder.

    Lou + Kev

  • With the troubles that an old building presents to a builder, Dan and team overcame and handled all these challenges brilliantly. With our definite style and taste in mine, our home was brought together in a way we didn’t imagine. As a family we are more than happy with the result, the entire experience met our expectations.


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