Our process

Owner/director of Planbuilt Dan Miegel understands the challenging and daunting prospect of the ‘ builder selection’ process.

Our recommendation to potential new clients is to make contact with Planbuilt, and to arrange an initial consultation to discuss either new or existing planning, and to discuss the preliminary process prior to construction.

Thinking of building

It’s definitely time to make contact – email or phone, we are just excited to make contact with new clients on their potential new journey.

Our services include an obligation free onsite meeting to discuss the 10 valued stages of the building process.
This initial service allows us to familiarize ourselves with the site or existing home, and allows our clients to meet myself personally.

We understand that everyone's journey may be different. We initially discuss where the client is at, and then discuss the steps moving forward. We never believe that it is too early to meet, as being involved in the planning stages automatically establishes a relationship between builder and client. Some clients come to us with plans, some with ideas and some with full documentation, however from our first meeting point, we leave our clients with a clear and precise path moving forward from where they are currently at.

Plans + Costs

Upon Planbuilt receiving detailed plans and engineering we provide our client with an in-depth tender and scope of works including a full list of PC items. This process typically involves meetings with our clients to further detail aspects of the plans, and items they wish or plan to use in their home. These items may include items such as bathroomware, tiling, flooring and joinery etc.

Following our tender being accepted, we use and complete a standard Master Builders BC4 contract. These contracts are plain English and very clear and precise to both client and builder.


We then commence the construction period where the plans come to life and we work closely with our clients in achieving ours and their goals.

Communication is key when building, and we pride ourselves on making the commitment to involve our clients during this period. As at many times in our life, things change or can be different, and for this reason, the importance of clear communication is valued in keeping both the client and builder informed of decisions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable build.


Following the completion of the build, we provide our clients with the certificates and documentation for the issue of the Occupation Certificate. Once this OC has been issued, it is at this point we handover our amazingly completed project to our awesome clients.

Let's chat

If you have a project you would like to discuss, let's chat. 
As mentioned above, the value of making contact in the beginning stages cannot be underestimated, as in most cases, this is the early stages of forming a relationship between the builder and client.
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